An Urgent Care
That Comes To You!

Brisk Health is developing the most advanced mobile healthcare app in the world. Patients now have access to medical care with just a tap on the Brisk Health App.

The closest doctor's office is now in your pocket.
Brisk Health


Brisk Health is a mobile urgent care
which means We come to you!
We even deliver your prescriptions
there is a new venue of care, your home!
Serving Southern Nevada

Brisk Health

Mobile Urgent Care

You are able to schedule a visit ASAP or at a future date and time. The Brisk Health medical team arrives at the your home , office or even the sports field ready to treat an illness or injury.

Brisk Health


For non-urgent illnesses or injuries, you can text or video chat with a doctor for care, advice, reminders, education and intervention. We will even follow up with you 48 hours after your first visit to check on you.

Brisk Health

Prescription Delivery

Brisk Health will pick up and deliver your prescriptions within the same day (in most cases). The Brisk Health app will also send a reminder to you when to take the prescription and when a prescription needs to be re-filled.


We will be launching in Las Vegas very soon!

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Why choose Brisk Health for all your medical treatments?

Brisk Health's mission is to create the most advanced and complete in-home care model in the world. Brisk Health offers on-demand healthcare for people of all ages in the comfort of their home. With the launch of Brisk Health, we are developing the world's most advanced healthcare application and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software to help reduce medical errors and provide more efficient care.

Mobile urgent care

• Request A Visit
• We Come To You
• We Handle The Rest


• Text and video chat with a Brisk Health Doctor
• Get care, advice, reminders, education and intervention
• Prescriptions sent to pharmacy

Prescription Delivery

• Contact Your Pharmacy
• Request Delivery
• Your Medication Is Delivered

Brisk Health

Urgent Care

Schedule a visit and our medical team for all your non life threatening illnesses or injuries in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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