The Next Chapter

Hello, Patients of Brisk Health!

Since starting our mobile medical service, we have been collecting data, patient reviews, and employee performance. Feedback has been great from patients who used our service. A lot of patients have not caught on to the mobile aspect of our business model and arrived at our Henderson office seeking care. We, unfortunately, had to turn away those patients as we could not see them in person since we did not have an “in-person clinic.” Instead of those patients heading home, downloading our app, and waiting for us to come to them, they just went to another urgent care to be treated. There are just some patients who don’t want to be treated in their homes and I don’t blame them. I don’t want someone coming inside my house either. For some, a home is their castle.

With that being said, we want to be able to cater to everyone. So, we have terminated our lease with our current landlord, and have signed a 10-year lease on an entire building. Construction is already underway for an in-person clinic in Las Vegas which is a more central location for everyone in the valley. We will still offer our mobile business model, but you will have the choice of being seen at our clinic. I want to make it clear that this is not your ordinary urgent care. Everything will be done through our mobile app regardless if you are seeking to be seen at home or at our clinic. If you need to be seen, you will request care on our app. We are working on an update now which will allow you to onboard for in-person office visits and, when patients arrive to be seen at our in-person clinic, we already have all your information and symptoms before you enter the lobby. You will never have to wait because we know that you are coming so you will immediately be whisked away as you enter our lobby to a private exam room.

In addition to our in-person urgent care, we will also be offering primary care and wellness services. We are updating the Brisk Health app to include primary care and wellness. You will no longer need to download separate apps to request care for either primary or wellness. Everything will be done through one app, the Brisk Health app. We are building out exam rooms for primary care patients and an infusion room for wellness patients.

In addition to the new in-person clinic, there will be some changes to our service. For patients with insurance, there will be a nominal mobile fee to be seen in the comfort of their homes. For cash-paying patients, there will not be a mobile fee as it is already built into the price. We are still keeping the $249 cash price. We will also offer memberships which will give you access to all our services at a discount Plus, as a member, you will be given priority access to be seen more quickly.

I know this is a lot of information to take in, but Brisk Health was never a “normal” urgent care. We want to make healthcare better. We have suspended all our operations until January 2 as we are preparing to move into our new clinic as soon as it is finished in mid-December. You will be notified as soon as we are open again.

We appreciate you being a part of this journey!

Jesse Clark

Founder of Brisk Health 

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