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Brisk Health Secures $25 Million Investment, Relocates Headquarters to Denver, Colorado


DENVER, COLORADO, USA, June 26, 2023/-- Brisk Health, a leading healthcare technology company, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its growth trajectory with the successful closing of a $25 million investment round. This substantial funding will propel Brisk Health to new heights and enable the company to expand its innovative mobile application and healthcare services. Alongside this achievement, Brisk Health is also excited to announce the relocation of its headquarters from Las Vegas to Denver, Colorado.

Since its establishment in 2020, Brisk Health has been dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through cutting-edge technology. The Brisk Health mobile application was developed to empower patients by providing seamless access to quality healthcare with just a tap. With a unique blend of convenience and personalized care, patients can easily request medical attention, whether it be through mobile visits or in-person clinic appointments, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The $25 million investment round, led by prominent venture capital firms and strategic healthcare partners, demonstrates the confidence in Brisk Health's mission to reshape the healthcare landscape. The additional capital will be instrumental in accelerating the company's growth and further enhancing its technological infrastructure, allowing Brisk Health to reach more patients and deliver exceptional care nationwide.

In line with its vision for expansion, Brisk Health has made the strategic decision to relocate its headquarters to Denver, Colorado. Recognized as a vibrant hub for healthcare innovation and technology, Denver offers a thriving ecosystem that aligns perfectly with Brisk Health's goals. This move will provide Brisk Health with access to top talent, key industry partnerships, and a supportive community of healthcare professionals, enabling the company to continue its trajectory as a trailblazer in the digital healthcare space.

"We are tremendously excited about this new chapter for Brisk Health. The $25 million investment and our relocation to Denver mark significant milestones in our journey to transform healthcare through technology," said Jesse Clark, CEO of Brisk Health. "With this influx of capital, we will accelerate the development of our mobile application, expand our services, and continue providing patients with convenient and high-quality care. Denver's dynamic healthcare ecosystem will play a crucial role in driving our growth and helping us achieve our mission."

Brisk Health remains committed to delivering exceptional healthcare experiences to its patients while pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. By leveraging the power of the Brisk Health App, patients can access healthcare services whenever they need them, fostering a culture of proactive well-being and efficient care delivery.

Brisk Health plans to utilize the remainder of 2023 to relocate and get operations set up in Denver and to build out its clinics. Brisk Health will start offering patients access to the mobile app in early 2024.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jessica Rodriguez
Public Relations Manager
Brisk Health
(888) 592-7475

About Brisk Health
Brisk Health is a leading healthcare technology company focused on reshaping the way patients access and receive medical care. Through its innovative mobile application, Brisk Health empowers patients to request care seamlessly and receive personalized treatment through mobile visits or in-person clinic appointments. With a mission to transform healthcare through technology, Brisk Health is committed to delivering exceptional care experiences and improving health outcomes for patients across the nation.

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